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Data / Research Scientist - machine learning

Position description

ableneo is looking for a senior data scientist with focus on machine learning, who will join the current data engineering / science team and take over leadership about building this competency at ableneo. You will also join our project from energy segment with strong focus on research.


Being part of ableneo, you will be responsible for:

  • building and co-working on strategy of Data Science team within our company to enable us to grow in this segment on Slovakian, Czech or Austrian markets

Working on project from energy sector - you will be responsible for:

  • application of  scientific knowledge to analyze and collect data, perform analyses, identify problems, devise solutions and construct methodologies, including metrics and best practices, and conduct experiments to validate these
  • building and developing from the scratch, to enable the client to minimize the weather forecast risks.
  • re-use and create research materials


  • Gain experience in a very specific energy project, have product impact from its creation to its realization.
  • Become part of international agile team of fast growing company.
  • Work in company with flat hierarchies, direct feedback and space to stand up for your own ideas.
  • Chance to build and be part of team of Data Scientist  while working on strategy of its growth.

Job requirements

Personal prerequisites

  • Clear self-motivation & vision
  • Ability to adapt to change and initiate a change
  • Solution-orientation and willingness to face obstacles
  • Ability to observe and see situations from  big-picture perspective

Other requirements

  • Strong knowledge of data mining, machine learning, deep learning, statistics.
  • Solid hands-on skills in sourcing, cleaning, manipulating, analyzing, visualizing and modeling of real data.
  • At least basick knowledge of Python - as a must.
  • Ability to work with development team in a Scrum and agile driven project.
  • Background in mathematics / physics.


We are the innovation enablers

We do believe, that innovation is not only question of creativity, but it is the adoption process and focus on business value, what makes the change a successful story at the end. That’s why ableneo is combining engineering, transformation and business competence in order to have a new, holistic approach on organisational change. 

Enabling people, adapting process, implementing technology

We see innovation as a complex process, connected most of times with an emerging technology, but also requiring always an adaptation or change of company processes and mostly important of all – understanding and involvement of key asset of each enterprise – people. That’s why ableneo is strategically focusing on building competences in all three areas – people, process and technologies and approach each change as synergy of these elements. 

Commitment to agile and open source

We see any innovation as a strongly explorative process, therefore we are using experiments and early customer feedback as much as possible. We approach any change, project, or innovation with our disciplined process based on SCRUM focusing on maximum efficiency and business value generation.We believe, that open source strategy is the best accelerator for innovation. ableneo is strategically focusing on enterprise open source products and frameworks and partnering with leading open source vendors offering enterprise ready solutions applicable for mission critical use-cases. 


Company name

ableneo Slovensko

Main company sector

  • Information technology, computer programming, web portals

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