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Data Scientist

Position description

ableneo is looking for a data scientist who will help our customers with data-driven transformation and who will initiate projects enhancing data potential. 

You will join the Data Team, composed of both junior and senior enthusiasts, that is responsible for bringing data-driven innovations to our company and clients. You will work on interesting internal and external projects, which extract new value from data (automation of routine tasks, optimisation of processes, improvement of business decisions, bringing new insights, monetisation of data etc.).


  • Closely cooperate with the Data Team on the running projects;
  • Propose innovative solutions to given problems;
  • Experiment, finetune and validate agreed approaches;
  • Implement and integrate functional solutions;
  • Scale and continuously improve implemented solutions;

Information about the position

Possible starting day


Job requirements

Personality requirements

  • Strong quantitative background – Master’s degree from Math, Statistics, Physics or Computer Science;
  • Experience with the analysis of (un)structured data using various statistical and ML methods;
  • Ability to assess data, extract information from it and make appropriate conclusions;
  • Coding in Python using scientific packages such as Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Scikit-learn etc.;
  • Active knowledge of English (at least B2 level);
  • Intellectual curiosity and motivation to learn new concepts;
  • Courage to get out of your comfort zone and discover uncharted areas;
  • Ability to initiate a change and adapt to fast evolving environment;
  • Ability to observe and understand situations from bird perspective;
  • Good communication, drafting and presentation skills;

Nice to have

  • PhD in quantitative field;
  • Knowledge of deep learning;
  • Programming in R or other languages;
  • Knowledge of SQL;
  • Experience with data processing and engineering;
  • Experience with open-source data visualisation tools such as seaborn, matplotlib or plotly;
  • Experience with Big Data frameworks, such as Hadoop, Spark, Elastic etc.;
  • Experience with working in agile and international environment;
  • Knowledge of German or other languages is a plus;


We are the innovation enablers

We do believe, that innovation is not only a question of creativity, but it is the adoption process and focus on business value, which makes the change a success story at the end. That’s why ableneo is combining engineering, transformation and business competence in order to have a new, holistic approach on organisational change.

Enabling people, adapting process, implementing technology

We see innovation as a complex process, connected most of the time with emerging technology, but also requiring always an adaptation or change of company processes and most important of – understanding and involvement of key assets of each enterprise – people. That’s why ableneo is strategically focusing on building competences in all three areas – people, process and technologies and approach each change as a synergy of these elements.

Commitment to agile and open source

We see any innovation as a strongly explorative process, therefore we are using experiments and early customer feedback as much as possible. We approach any change, project, or innovation with our disciplined process based on SCRUM focusing on maximum efficiency and business value generation. We believe that open source strategy is the best accelerator for innovation. ableneo is strategically focusing on enterprise open source products and frameworks and partnering with leading open source vendors offering enterprise-ready solutions applicable for mission-critical use-cases.


Company name

ableneo Slovensko

Location of work

  • Bratislava

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