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Dean of Character

Position description

LEAF Academy is looking for an exceptional candidate to join its leadership team as the Dean of Character. The Dean of Character reports to the Principal and is a member of the senior leadership team that consists of the principal, three deans, and head of operations. The objective of the leadership team is to work as a team rather than as a collection of individuals. The Dean of Character, along with other senior leaders work to support the mission and vision of the school and role model the Academy’s design principles. The Academy is a purpose- and people-focused organization. We expect all our people, and deans in particular to be the guardians of our purpose and culture. 


In addition to being a member of the senior leadership team, the Dean of Character oversees Student Life at the Academy and works closely with the Head of Residence, Head Advisors and the Community Counselors. The Dean of Character also works closely with the Character department in building the Academy’s unique character development program. The new Dean of Character will be primarily responsible for the development of the skills and capacities of his or her teams as well as the intentional strengthening of our community, including community activities, residential life, sports, and clubs. Building a thriving community is one of the strategic priorities of our Academy for the coming years and the selected candidate will be expected to take the lead on this initiative. The assignment is to last between two to three years.

About the school:

LEAF Academy is an international boarding high school located in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Academy opened its doors in 2016. The currently serves 100 students and has 30 full-time staffulty (staff and faculty) with plans to grow enrollment every year. LEAF Academy is part of LEAF, a non-profit organization with multiple programs to develop young people with the potential to be the shapers in the region. LEAF Academy is one of the few full-boarding schools in the Central Europe region and was designed with the intent to create a strong boarding culture where learning often happens outside the classroom. As a school that promotes innovation and change, we are not interested in simply replicating concepts from well-established boarding schools. (Re)thinking what we do and how we do it is an essential and ongoing feature of our culture. 


LEAF Academy is rooted in the values of entrepreneurial leadership, excellence, ethics, and civic engagement. Students are admitted to a 2 or 4-year program. We aspire to be a community of learners where students and staffulty work and learn together while having fun. The Academy offers a rigorous and innovative academic program using the AP curriculum in combination with experiential learning opportunities and courses such as entrepreneurial leadership, character development, STEM, and Central European studies. The Academy’s approach to learning emphasizes the development of skills and competencies over the mastery of content and promotes ‘real world’ connection. This focus is not just declared; the school has been designed to focus on these areas. LEAF Academy aspires to be one of the most entrepreneurial schools in the world. This means a lot of opportunities to make things happen; it also means a lot of ambiguity.  

LEAF Academy graduates go in many directions: from attending some of the best universities in the world to taking a gap year to gain job experience.


LEAF Academy’s academic buildings are located in the heart of Bratislava and the residence, which houses all students and 16 staffulty is located a half-hour walk away. Bratislava which serves as an extension of the campus is located in the center of other regional capitals with Vienna, Budapest, and Prague under a few hours away.  

LEAF Academy is currently undergoing accreditation from NEASC using the ACE Learning scheme for international schools.

Dean of Character Responsibilities include:


  • Partner with the Principal and senior leadership to define and advance strategic goals in service of the school’s mission and vision 
  • Further the Academy’s strategic aim of building a thriving community of learners 
  • Guide strategic projects as defined by the senior leadership team 
  • Engage parents, faculty, staff, and students in developing a school culture that promotes character education, and a thriving, international community
  • Direct all aspects of student life including: 
    • student well-being issues 
    • disciplinary matters
    • residential life
    • programing (special events)
  • Mentor Upper and Lower School Head Advisors, Head of Residential Life and Head of Wellbeing, and help them  guide advisors, residential team, school counselors, and medical staff in managing issues of student wellbeing
  • Mentor co-curricular and activities coordinator and sports coordinator
  • Work with Student Life Administrative support to manage student records
  • Oversee the Academy’s Advisory Program
  • Chair the Community Principles Committee in responding to student discipline based on a restorative model
  • Mentor Head of the Character Department in guiding the development of the character curriculum and program  
  • Oversee and manage all matters related to Child Protection and Safeguarding
  • Oversee student orientation
  • Teach one class
  • Assume advising duties
  • Join the team of deans in carrying out administrative residential duties

Employee perks, benefits

If you look for routine position and best tangible perks, LEAF Academy may not be the best place for you. If you search for opportunity to follow your personal desire and mission, we can offer:

Meaningful impact: We aspire to support the development of talented young people who have the potential to be change-makers in society by building a boarding school, literally from the ground up!

Professional team environment: You will become part of a diverse and supportive team that strives to be at the forefront of 21st Century Education.

Challenging assignments: We are an entrepreneurial organization. On-the-job learning and fast personal development here is inevitable. You have a chance to bring and immediately implement new ideas.

Information about the position

Offered salary

Compensation for the role is starting 2700 euro base, depending on the qualification and track record of final candidate.

Employment type

  • Full-time

Possible starting day


Job requirements

Required education

  • Postgraduate (Doctorate)
  • University education (Bachelor's degree)
  • University education (Master's degree)

Work experience

5 years

Personality requirements

  • Have a proven ability to develop and empower individuals and teams
  • Have experience working in Student Life and truly enjoy spending time with and engaging young people  
  • Experience with boarding schools is preferred
  • Have experience with and conceptual understanding of community building
  • Understand the importance of perspective
  • Embrace the fast pace and change associated with a young, dynamic and growing organization
  • Fit the culture and organizational needs 
  • Show opened-mindedness and flexibility
  • Understand that the priorities may change over time based on the organizational needs 
  • Understand and embrace the distinction between leadership and management
  • Demonstrate exceptional communication skills in English
  • Have a sense of humor


Company name

Akadémia LEAF - LEAF Academy

Location of work

  • Bratislava

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