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Teacher at Entrepreneurial Leadership Department

Position description

Entrepreneurial Leadership department at LEAF Academy is focused on developing entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge, and skills in the Academy’s community that include our students, staffulty, and external partners.

To help us expand the number of students we serve and to further improve our programs, we are looking for a new colleague who will complement our team’s skills and expertise. We are looking for a person who is structured enough, is innovative, likes responsibilities, and enjoys building relationships.

LEAF Academy is a diverse group of professionals and students caring about learning (in and outside of classroom) as well as the mission of the school: higher quality of life in Central Europe. Entrepreneurial Leadership department is a small international team of professionals with combined experience in academics and business. Our goal for the coming years is to create a center for entrepreneurial education excellence.

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Design and teach Entrepreneurial Leadership classes and contribute to cross-departmental learning.
  • Advise and coach individual students and student groups
  • Develop curriculum and learning support structures, including impact measurement
  • Manage projects or programs enhancing the department and/or the LEAF Academy as an organisation.
  • Coordinate with outside partner organisations to evaluate, adjust, and deliver up to date curriculum connected to real world
  • Co-design projects and events in cooperation with teachers and students within entrepreneurial leadership and beyond
  • Serve as an advisor to a group students
  • Assume weekly residential duties and a few weekend residential duties per semester

Employee perks, benefits

  • MEANINGFUL IMPACT: We aspire to support the development of talented young people who have the potential to be change-makers in society by building a boarding school, literally from the ground up!
  • PROFESSIONAL TEAM ENVIRONMENT: You will become part of a diverse and supportive team that strives to be at the forefront of 21st Century Education.
  • CHALLENGING ASSIGNMENTS: We are an entrepreneurial organization. On-the-job learning and fast personal development here is inevitable. You have a chance to bring and immediately implement new ideas. 

Information about the position

Offered salary

Compensation for the role is starting 1280 euro base, depending on the qualification and track record of final candidate.

Job requirements

Personal prerequisites

If you want to work with us, you must have:

  • Experience managing a project
  • Need-based and customer centered mindset (or potential to acquire it)
  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders, including teenagers and business organisations
  • Advanced level of English language
  • Passion for the LEAF Academy’s mission, for the role and for the challenges listed above, and alignment with our team values

Further, we would welcome:

  • Previous experience with learning design and delivery
  • Assessment experience (for instance in education, HR)
  • Experience with prototyping and/or piloting initiatives, products or services

Information about selection process

Roles are open until filled, with preferred start date of our new colleagues being June 2019.

The selection process will include interviews with various team members and teaching demonstration. We take hiring very seriously and want to make as sure as possible that new members of our team will not only be excellent at what they do, but also passionate for both the role and LEAF Academy mission and thriving in our culture - the side effect being that hiring process can take longer in some cases.


Company name

LEAF - Akadémia LEAF - LEAF Academy

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